Swing till you start screaming

Habits broken and fixed again, numb the pain of his backhand lashes
Drink drives men to sing praises of heavy handed facists
Her love for him built tall walls of stone that took less time than expected
Unholy matrimony kept her striving for a nexus

Get a baseball bat to protect you from the demons

This led to a buffet of men mistaken for the broken prototype
Left her with the convenient excuse of excess
The necessary compensation was two scoops of Catholic guilt
The kind that led Christ beneath Mary’s dress

Step up to the plate, soon you’ll be swinging

Beaten by bad decisions and the distress of a mothers enslavement to her cast
Brother and sister formed the bonds of a secret pact
One bound by the blood spilled in beatings and neglect
History is no long term lover and she makes you fight for her respect

Swing a million times, then a thousand more
Swing till you start screaming, swing till you find the cure

Though your entitled offspring points out the known implications
Shows you scars your mind has traced a million times
He only hope light finally reaches the darkened corners of your mind
Cause his father’s wish was to keep you both afloat in a sea that’s too unkind

So I’ll swing till I start screaming, I’ll swing till I lose my mind
I’ll swing these words and cave the skulls of the demons you leave behind…

Love, Light, Rain, or Pain

We all get a chance to bathe in circumstantial glory
To live a story many will never hear
Wishing we were something, when that’s all we ever were

Broken down, built up again, down and up again
Cells akin to the passions of a whim
The noisy silence hammers our skulls demanding to be let in

Choices matter, then they don’t, making sanity insane
Yet it always feels like living when we drown in love, light, rain, or pain

Drown with us
Drown within
Feel the weight of your own veins

‘Cause it always feels like living when in love, light, rain, or pain


Islands made of trash

Crushing loss, the sensations of defeat
Never impress the dark and tiny angel stirring underneath your feet

Another tepid song by washed up jellyfish on the beach
As giants carry contemporaries to shores you will never reach

Will your voice be heard? Will it scream from brazen brass?
Or build upon the sea of sound another island made of trash?

But it’s my heart
It’s unrefined
It’s pure intention
It’s never-fucking-mind
No it isn’t!
It’s tripe, banal, out of body, and completely out of time

Answers are a given, cause equations never question
They only offer sugar water while preventing any cure

Frustrated with solutions
The diluted dissolution of feigned intentions pure

Will your voice be loved? Will it lead to endless cash?
That’s the route upon the sea of sound to an island made of trash?

But I want worship
A christ-like body
All the attention
Ego unrefined
No you don’t!
You want joy, you want contentment, and a love that will last

Or you can continue nation building from your island made of trash…


Is it impossible to reach?
A sacred space, void of time
Is it impossible to gain?
The fame that traps the willing mind

Is it impossible to imagine?
Failures stench becoming sweet
Is it impossible to fathom?
We are most creative just before we shit

Is the desire to hate fame unwillingness to accept rejection?
Will the rehtoric and duplicity keep you warm?
Or will you finally listen to the wisdom of reckless abandon?

But I can’t! I won’t! I shouldn’t have to!

Force the hand of fate
To ensure a moment of acclaim
Or sing of love, death, and tears instead of succumbing to these wargames

Held Here

Thought about her consistently for years
With the kind of love and admiration that requires absence
The time has come to use this medium to cast a note beyond the fence

Some core element wanting to show her gift appreciation
Perhaps she doesn’t realize that it was received?
More likely that she’s forgotten that I ever made her bleed

The night she inquired about his transgressions, there was calm
A damn of poise holding back a flood of emotion
Feminine intuition instinctively flexing at the futility of male honesty

The lie from my lips began the revolution
It thrust the killing blow that made crimson from little white lies
Freed the prisoner from the dank cell of the mind

She soars through imagination
She whispers in the ear
She weeps at the misogyny
She will be forever held… here (points at heart)

Sanctimony over the callous behaviors of the past
Apologetic afterthoughts floating in the waters from which ships already sailed
The ego reaping the fields of it’s own plentiful crops

Regardless of these half-truths the point remains
Her shape, smell, thought and imprint left this tattoo on my heart
Forgetting would be easy but I can never seem to start

She soars through imagination
She whispers in the ear
She weeps at the misogyny
She will be forever held… here (points at heart)

A woman can give a man from her past anything but love again

Free Coffee

If no one knew what benefit this was for
Where would we be?
Would the very social fabric of our minds begin to creep out of our ears?

If no one knew the name of their favorite killer
How would we know?
What to be addicted to?

If no one knew that it’s godlike to question
Would answers continue to cripple?
Can mortality be redefined?

Practice parsimony with your creative airs
Seek the constant motion of the meaningless affairs

If no one cut ties to the revolution
Would the reformation of the psyche still be worthwhile?
Or shall we cater to the fascist from hemisphere right

If 99 friends are in struggling bliss
Will we all have to empty our pockets into the money changers fists?
Maybe there will be free coffee?

How to handle PR requests in the digital age of music

Here at Urban Jellyfish we sometimes get requests to hire a PR firm. Though this firm was offering a compelling deal, UJ decided that we couldn’t use their services. We hope that our response as a band will serve as a future template for interactions between music industry professionals and artists. It’s easy to become disenchanted with the process but we must remember that art is a business and that courtesy has always been paramount to success in the entertainment industry.

From: Alisa St.Rock [mailto:st.rock@wifiprgroup.com]
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013 3:15 PM
To: Bradford King
Subject: Indie Anthems/MTV PR Inquiry

Hey there,
I am trying to reach Bradford King. Not sure if this is a general band email but I had a chance to check out your Urban Jellyfish EPK: http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?artist_id=415353

One of our music interns turned me on to your profile and forwarded it to me to check out. Dig the tunes. Had a few questions that I was hoping to speak to you about.

First off all, I’m not sure if you currently have PR representation but I wanted to set up a conference call to discuss a PR Campaign we are offering new unsigned/indy clients that includes a press release campaign, a spot on our Indie Anthems Digital MIxTape Series and an artist profile that we will secure for you on MTV.com.

The main reason I reached out to you is that we are specifically looking for at least 3-5 really unique and independent Rock artists, such as yourself to feature on our Indie Anthems Mixtape Series.

The PR Campaign itself is a flat fee of 249.00. Here’s an overview of it:

  • A professionally written, approximately 750 word customized press release about your current music related news and artist happenings
  • Automatic submission of your press release to over 7500 syndicated newswires and music journalists
  • 25 guaranteed online media placements of your press release with links provided
  • A money back guarantee that your press release will be error free, published and with 25 verifiable guaranteed placements
  • A spot on our Indie Anthems Digital Sampler. It will be distributed once again at this year’s SXSW in Austin in March 2014. You will also receive 10 copies that you can use to distribute to your fans at shows or through your own promotions
  • In addition to the PR opportunity, this also affords you to have an artist profile created on MTV.com. This will include your own artist url on MTV.com. Through your MTV.com artist profile you can sell your music, get your videos on air, submit your songs to be used in a show through the Viacom network which includes VH1, MTV, MTV2 and CMT. There is no charge for this at this is a professional courtesy that will help us to increase your branding and online PR presence.

Also, so you know–the CD Sampler is not for sale. It is handed out FREE to all attendees. We will be handing out over 3500 download cards at SXSW in Austin, TX this upcoming March. We released our first Volume of Indie Anthems last year during SXSW and had a huge response to it. We are expecting an even bigger buzz about this year since we have been consistently putting out different Volumes of it throughout the year. With that said, there are no royalties paid out for this, it’s a promotional opportunity for your music to reach a highly targeted audience. We give it away until it reached a certain amount of downloads (usually around 5000).

The press release Campaign about Urban Jellyfish would be launched prior to us releasing Indie Anthems Vol.4 so that we can create back to back coverage about all of the Artists on it before we launch our our own PR Campaign about Indie Anthems Vol.4 in March. Make sense?

To give you an idea of the quality of press releases we produce and the media outlets where we often secure coverage in, you can check out these links:




I don’t know if you ever have worked with a PR company before but if so, you know that it can cost upwards of several thousand dollars to have active media representation. Even just having a press release professionally written can be upwards of several hundred dollars alone, not even including the cost of distributing it. However, we are the most affordable professional PR company in the business for independent artists. All of our work is results-driven and guaranteed or your money back.

Here are a couple of video testimonials our music clients have recently given us:

You can also check out our current Volumes of Indie Anthems on our Bandcamp page at:

Our PR Campaign for our new clients, with everything that is listed above is $249.00–including the placement on the Indie Anthems Digital Mixtape Vol.4 and your Official Artist Profile on MTV.

I would love to discuss what your specific PR needs are and the details of this campaign, along with what song we would like to include on Indie Anthems. I can set up a time to call you to discuss it. Let me know if you have availability this week or early next week and the best number and time frame to reach you at. Wishing You Success And Nothing Less in 2013 and beyond!

Alisa St.Rock
WiFi PR Group


From: Brad King
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 12:42 PM
To: ‘Bradford King’
Subject: hahaha

Hey Alisa, thanks for reaching out and taking an interest in Urban Jellyfish.

We understand that you probably work really hard for very little return and we can easily empathize with that situation. Unfortunately, we are not interested in a PR campaign with your company. There are some very specific reasons for this rejection, so I hope you can take a moment to read them:

  1. UJ has yet to work with a PR firm or agency that has found a way to positively spin our lead singer’s tendency towards tourette-like masturbation sessions while mid-set. It’s been off-putting to the audiences. The most novel idea yet was one offered by our former manager, Gus Finklestein, but using a spray bottle and a firm “No” no longer seems to work. Maybe your agency can offer a solution?
  2. We’ve recently discovered that, with the changing industry, it is no longer considered acceptable to destroy a room in a drunken rage while hopped up on Ambien and speed. This has been disheartening to our drummer who enjoys this portion of the “rock lifestyle” (his words) and insists that it doesn’t need to change just because we’re couch surfing with my college roommate and his wife and kids.
  3. The city of San Francisco has made it clear that UJ will be arrested immediately if found playing there. We think this may have something to do with our riot-inducing performance of the Trey & Matt hit single “Everyone Has AIDS” in the Castro district on pride week. We may never get all of the bloodstains out of my Freddie Mercury unitard.
  4. Our bass player insists that his multiple requests for child support from women up and down the west coast are all unfounded. His religion insists that every sperm is sacred, so we remain reticent to tour until the DNA tests for all 50 strippers are confirmed negative. We’re just assuming that the 51st claim entered by a post-op tranny is bogus.

Again, I’m saddened by the situations that are keeping us from forming what would likely be a very serious business venture. Perhaps through our recent foray into therapy, UJ will be able to rest it’s demons and we can return to focusing on promotion. I’m happy to contact you again when this day arrives, so we can use our skills to establish a solid bottom line with core competencies that move us towards a business future that exists “outside the box.” America.

I wish you and your colleges at the WiFiPRGroup great success in promoting bands and finding your way through the apocalyptic landscape of the new music industry.

Yours in solidarity (our bass player insists I type in Christ),

Bradford King | manager@urbanjellyfishband.com | http://urbanjellyfishband.com

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/urbanjellyfish
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0D1936992EBD2466
Bandcamp: http://urbanjellyfish.bandcamp.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/urbanjellyfishband
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UJBand


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